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“I live within the vivid colors of my imagination ... soaring with rainbow feathered birds, racing the desert winds on horseback, wrapped in ancient tribal jewels, dancing with mythical tigers in steamy jungles." – Laurel Burch

Our Partnership with Laurel Burch Studios and
Totemic Brands

Featuring reproductions of the vivid, vibrant paintings of internationally renowned artist Laurel Burch, these special journals, stationery items and lifestyle accessories take you on a flight of imagination, from the world of Fantastic Felines and Mystical Horses to her Whimsical Creations and Spirit of Womankind themes. Come be inspired by Laurel’s unique vision.

“I live within the vivid colors of my imagination ... soaring with rainbow feathered birds, racing the desert winds on horseback, wrapped in ancient tribal jewels, dancing with mythical tigers in steamy jungles.” – Laurel Burch

Introducing Laurel Burch

Born in 1945 in southern California, Laurel Burch began crafting her iconic one-of-a-kind necklaces in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury in the 1960s. Gathering old coins, bones and beads, she hammered metal on the back of a cast iron skillet to create beautiful adornments for herself and her friends. Struggling to make ends meet after separating from her husband, her entrepreneurial artist spirit emerged and she began selling her jewellery and artful designs at street fairs and galleries to support herself and her two young children, Aarin and Jay. Over the next 40 years, Laurel became an internationally known artist and designer with an instantly recognizable palette and style.

“As an artist, I find my inspiration, courage and wisdom within the heart of humanity. When I am strong, I share my strength with you. When I cannot quite find my way, I hold on to the strength and comfort I see in you.” – Laurel Burch

A Perfect Match

“It is good to dream! After I dream, I envision, and after I envision, I create!” – Laurel Burch

The bright, bold colours and golden details of Laurel’s signature style are what makes this such an enduring partnership. Her artistic vision perfectly resonates with the Paperblanks style, bringing joy to all who experience her work. Covers featuring Laurel’s artwork are always favourites among Paperblanks fans, particularly those featuring her signature “flutterbyes,” and it’s a joy to see her children continue to share her art with the world. Today, that takes many forms – whether reproducing original works in their complete form as with Ocean Song, or taking key elements from Laurel’s designs to create new patterns and compositions, as with Celestial Magic. We can’t wait to share our latest releases from the Laurel Burch Collection with you!

Love, Life and Legacy

Today, Laurel’s legacy is upheld and shared around the world by her two children: Jay, who runs Totemic Brands, and Aarin, who leads Laurel Burch Studios.

“The number of moving legends about the giving, receiving and sharing of Laurel Burch is a reflection not only of Laurel herself but of all the people drawn to her spirit as well as her designs. Laurel’s stream of ideas, her whimsical creatures, the wonders she created for so many decades in her paintings, jewellery and writings are all part of her legacy. The boundless imagination of this extraordinary artist places her among the most treasured creative spirits of our time.” – Aarin Burch

Celebrating 50 Years of Passion and Art

From self-taught artist to pioneering businesswoman at the head of a merchandising empire, Laurel Burch is the embodiment of passion and perseverance. In 2024, we join her fans and family in celebrating 50 years of her iconic artwork, releasing two special new designs featuring some of her most beloved themes: Celestial Magic and Wild Flowers.

The Partnership with Paperblanks

Our relationship with Laurel Burch spans many years. We first discovered Laurel’s artwork on an early 2000s trip to the American Southwest that our founders undertook while looking for Pueblo pottery to reproduce for our covers. While stopping in Santa Fe, they saw these paintings of big, colourful cats and were immediately drawn to them. Learning that the paintings were created by an artist based in San Francisco, they got in touch with Laurel to meet and learn more about her art and the rest, as they say, was history!

Laurel’s welcoming spirit was infectious, even though she was already in ill health at that time, and before she passed away the Paperblanks team had many more visits to her home and studio to select new cover art. In fact, Santa Fe Felines was one of the first covers we worked on together – a beautiful ode to the moment we were first introduced to Laurel’s irreplaceable vision.

“I want people to feel inspired and uplifted by my mother’s art. Regardless of what they may or may not be experiencing, my hope is that these powerful images warm hearts and give a sense of love and our interconnectedness.” – Aarin Burch

Introducing Our Laurel Burch Collection