About Us

When creating our Paperblanks line, we were inspired by the many great artists and craftspeople who have shared their creativity with the world. It is our mission to bring that sense of wonder and expression to the personal and simple objects of your everyday life.

Design Inspiration - Art Design Inspiration - Fabric
Design Inspiration - Fabric Design Inspiration - Fabric

1. Inspiration

Our design library is a curated selection of antique bindings, traditional artistic practices and contemporary trends. Traditionally we have looked to museums and private collections that specialise in antique book bindings or handwritten manuscripts. And while these art forms continue to inspire key pieces of our collection, we now also work with contemporary painters, illustrators and digital artists. We have even experimented with transferring sculpture, photography and furniture design to our book covers!

Sourcing Materials Sourcing Materials

2. Sourcing

We visit museums, bazaars and libraries, browse online artistic communities and seek submissions from our staff and customers. Once we have found a design that speaks to us, we begin a conversation with the artist or copyright holder. It is important to us that we honour the original artists and will not reproduce a piece of art if we are unable to obtain the necessary legal permission and – just as important – blessing of the artist or the rights holder.

Handmade Prototypes Handmade Prototypes

3. Handmade Prototypes

Once we have licensed a piece of art, our talented Graphics department in Vancouver gets to work on digitally reproducing it. Throughout the process, we create handmade samples of the books so we can make sure the final product is as beautiful as can be.

Testing Product Standards Testing Product Standards

4. Testing

From there, the process moves to our production facility in China. We have worked with the same family-run business for years and trust them to create well-crafted final products. We test, and retest, each design to make sure the produced book will meet the standards of our in-house prototypes.

5. Production

Once we have finalised the cover, binding, closure and interior design of the book, we can produce it! The hardest part of this stage is always the waiting.

Production Machines & Samples Production Machines & Samples

6. Marketplace

This is when we can take our initial “wow” moment and bring it to you. From tradeshows to brick and mortar retailers to online shops, bringing our Paperblanks products into the world is an energising and thrilling moment. We can’t wait to see how these new designs will be put to use by you!

Tradeshows & Retailer Stores Tradeshows & Retailer Stores
Tradeshows & Retailer Stores Tradeshows & Retailer Stores