About Us

When creating our Paperblanks line, we were inspired by the many great artists and craftspeople who have shared their creativity with the world. It is our mission to bring that sense of wonder and expression to the personal and simple objects of your everyday life.

Our Values


Encouraging Emotion

Express your truest self through words, drawings or simply the cover that you choose.


Celebrating Creativity

We create “blank canvas” products that provide not only an artistic medium, but the inspiration to create.


Honouring Heritage

Each design’s history connects your personal experience to a wider artistic or cultural tradition.


Caring for Our World

Through the Hartley & Marks Social Responsibility program, we contribute to a diverse range of local and international charitable organizations.

Vic Marks

What Drives Us?

“The joy for me is in making beautiful books that people use as a creative tool in their personal lives.”

- Victor L. Marks,
  Founder & CEO

What Inspires Our Designs?

“The ‘wow factor’ is experiencing the space beyond mind…
Taking people there is what we call success.”

- Supriti Bharma,
  Artistic Director & Vice President

Supriti Bharma

Where We Began

We created Paperblanks to help keep book heritage alive and vital in our modern age, and to offer an inspiring space for people to express themselves.

For over twenty-five years we have been celebrating art that inspires and enthralls, combining innovative bookmaking, timeless designs and careful handiwork to create the finest stationery products available.

What We Do

We are guided by our love and appreciation for bookbinding traditions in creating every Paperblanks product. The results are eminently beautiful yet highly functional objects that speak to the romantic in all of us.

Where We’re Going

We’ve recently expanded our product line to offer items like pencil cases and dot-grid planners, first steps in growing our selection to offer you more. We’re so inspired by expressive and creative ways journallers and artists like you use blank canvases to share your unique style and uncover personal truths.

In the coming years we will continue to grow our selection of products to make it easier for you to get all the creative tools you need, with the standards of quality and design that you can expect from a Paperblanks product.