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About Us

Our Promise & Values

At Paperblanks, we create products that inspire creativity, empower expression and celebrate special moments.
An homage to art and culture, our line of journals and creative tools sparks the imagination by offering a connection to artists and cultural movements from all eras and regions. Expression has no limits with Paperblanks.



With a variety of products, formats and interiors, we provide the tools to unleash the creativity already inside you.


Empowering Individuality

Express your individual style and personality through the covers you choose and what you create inside the pages.


Celebrating Moments

Our high-quality journals create a precious moment of reflection and can be cherished for a lifetime.


Honouring Heritage

Each design’s history connects your personal experience to a wider artistic or cultural tradition.


Caring for Our World

Through the Hartley & Marks Social Responsibility program, we contribute to a diverse range of local and international charitable organizations.

Vic Marks

What Drives Us?

“The joy for me is in making beautiful books that people use as a creative tool in their personal lives.”

- Victor L. Marks,
  Founder & CEO

What Inspires Our Designs?

“The ‘wow factor’ is experiencing the space beyond mind…
Taking people there is what we call success.”

- Supriti Bharma,
  Artistic Director & Vice President

Supriti Bharma

Where We Began

The Paperblanks journey begins with a simple desire – to find the perfect everyday journal.

In the early 1990s, Vic Marks, a writer and publisher looking to create the perfect notebook, connected with Supriti Bharma, a lifelong learner looking to play with new forms of artistic and spiritual expression. The creative chemistry between these two seekers was instant. They shared a desire to express, to travel, to learn new traditions and discover new truths about themselves. And together they created that special journal Vic envisioned, which became the first Paperblanks product in 1992.

Vic and Supriti’s creative energies, and gusto for experimentation, propelled them to continue beyond that first notebook and the Paperblanks brand has grown organically ever since. From our first office in the urban Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, Canada, to expanding into our European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, we’ve travelled the world to follow our passion. People have joined the Paperblanks family from all walks of life and corners of the world, with their unique histories, independent voices and diverse cultures bringing new ideas and perspectives to our company.

Throughout it all, our founders’ original sense of curiosity, discovery and self-expression has never waned. In fact, it guides every decision we make. With every new experience we bring back the art, stories and cultural traditions that have been shared with us. Our design library echoes our personal ethos: always evolving, always open.

So, while what we do is make journals, that’s not who we are. Paperblanks is a mosaic of diverse, passionate and dedicated individuals around the world. What joins us is a commitment to create beautiful, high-quality objects that bring joy to all who experience them. It’s not only our journals that make us unique – it’s our passion. It’s our perseverance. It’s our people.

  • Vancouver

    1992 - We launch our first Paperblanks collection from Vancouver, our Canadian hometown

  • Manuscripts

    1995 - We introduce Literary Manuscripts, an early precursor to our Embellished Manuscripts and Old Leather Collections

  • Europe

    2002 - Paperblanks launches in Europe

  • European Office

    2004 - We open our European headquarters in Dublin

  • Dayplanner

    2005 - We expand beyond journals, offering planners and address books for the first time

  • Edge Printing

    2011 - We first use ornamental book edge printing

  • 25th Anniversary Journal

    2017 - We celebrate Paperblanks' 25th birthday with a special Anniversary Edition journal

  • Pencil Cases

    2018 - We introduce pencil cases to our collection

  • Dot-Grid Planner

    2018 - We launch our line of dot-grid planners for the bullet journalling community

  • PB Logo

    2019 - We introduce a new look for Paperblanks, with an updated logo and unique icon

  • Filing-Storage

    2020 - We introduce our first set of filing and storage solutions and a new line of specialty stationery accessories

What’s Next for Paperblanks?

We’re so inspired by the expressive and creative ways journallers and artists like you share your unique style and reveal personal truths. That’s why we’re always seeking new ways to delight and inspire with the products we offer.

Coming up this year, our long-awaited sketchbooks will make their debut! We will also continue to grow beyond stationery into more lifestyle product categories, including jigsaw puzzles.

If you have an idea for a future Paperblanks product, please get in touch! You can connect with us on social media or use the form built into our Contact Us page.