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5-Year Snapshot Journals


Easy-to-Use Interior

Our new 5-Year Snapshot Journals are the ideal way to capture all those “capsule moments” in your life. Take a snapshot of an important period or simply track your everyday experiences by filling in quick notes about your day.

To begin, turn to today’s date and write in the year for the first entry. Fill in the first entry on every page until the end of the year and then begin again at the second entry for today’s date. We’ve also included extra pages for notes at the back of the journal for those truly momentous occasions.

5-Year Snapshot Journals Cheat Sheet

Using symbols, such as happy and sad faces or suns and clouds, can add even more information in minimal space and without demanding a lot of your time. After all – life is about living, and these journals will be there to help you stay in the moment while building memories for the future.

This cheat sheet is filled with helpful ideas for saying the most in the least amount of space. Print it out and store it in your memento pouch to keep it close at hand!

5-Year Plan Template

Use this guide to determine where you want to be in five years and set the goals that will help you get there.

Downloadable Snapshot Booklets

Whether you choose to keep a thematic journal or simply track your daily activities, these Snapshot booklets can help prompt your writing and offer extra space for specific details.

Adulthood Snapshot

5-Year Adulthood Snapshot

Track your personal and career goals.

Childhood Snapshot

5-Year Childhood Snapshot

Track your child's milestones and memories.

Relationship Snapshot

5-Year Relationship Snapshot

Track the important moments of your relationship - at any stage.



Download the PDF.
Save the booklet to your computer and open the file.


Print the file.
The booklet has been created in landscape orientation, so be sure to select “Double-Sided: Flip on the Short Edge” before printing.


Arrange your booklet.
Stack the printouts so that the sheet with the first and last page is on top (continue until the middle pages are on the bottom), then fold in half to create your Snapshot Booklet.