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Guest Books

For Moments to Remember

Covers & Designs

Covers & Designs

By working in exclusive partnerships with museums and art collections around the world, we have curated a unique and evolving library of designs.

A theme that remains constant throughout this diverse selection of covers is a celebration of imaginations that make the impossible possible.

Interior Formats

A special occasion can become one of life’s richest and most memorable experiences, making the guest book an essential place for people to share their thoughts on the event. We offer a selection of lined and blank interiors so you can customize your guest book to best suit your event.

Sizes & Formats

All guest books are offered in a landscape-oriented interior layout approximately the size of our ultra journals, for easy opening and elegant display.


  • No Closure

    No Closure

    Our guest books are offered without a closure, allowing you to include additional treasures, photos and other mementos.


Smyth Sewn Binding

We take the durability of our products seriously and bind all our books using the sturdy yet incredibly flexible Smyth sewn technique. In the classic art of bookmaking, the sewing together of signatures (paper folded into groups of eight, sixteen or thirty-two pages) is seen as the heart of a well-made book, and we have followed this tradition in creating Paperblanks books.


  • Book Edge Printing

    Book Edge Printing

    A guest book used for a special occasion should be appreciated at the event and cherished for years to come. This is why we’ve ornamented selected guest books down to the very last detail, including eye-catching patterns on the page edges of many designs. Check for this detailing on the individual product pages in the Product Information section.

  • Ribbon Markers

    Ribbon Markers

    All Paperblanks guest books feature a satin ribbon marker in a colour specifically selected to complement the cover design.

  • Endpapers


    We are proud to give credit to the talented individuals and artistic movements that have inspired our designs. The back endpaper of every book contains credit and copyright information, as well as a fascinating historical background for the original artwork.


Paper Quality

Inside every guest book is high-quality paper in an eye-pleasing cream colour. To optimize the opacity of the individual pages, our guest books have an approximate paper weight of 120 gsm.

Paper Sourcing

Considering the environmental impacts of doing business is important to us. That’s why all of our paper is derived from sustainable forest pulp, our binder boards are made with 100% recycled materials and we use paper that is FSC-certified in all of our books.