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Introducing an exclusive new partnership with Les Éditions Albert René, the esteemed French publisher behind the iconic Adventures of Asterix stories.

This new collaborative series features three unique designs depicting Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatix and more of the legendary characters from this beloved comic book series. It offers a chance to recapture a nostalgic sense of imagination and possibility in a whole new way.

Our Partnership with Les Éditions Albert René

A Shared Passion

The French comic book seriesThe Adventures of Asterix has been delighting audiences young and old since its first release in 1959. Telling the tales of indomitable Gaulish warriors resisting the Roman occupation in 50 BC, these beloved stories hold a special place in the hearts of all who grew up with Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatix and the rest of the characters who inhabit their world. For many on our team, eagerly awaiting the next adventure of this intrepid crew is a treasured childhood memory.

“Featuring captivating and carefully selected artwork from the comic series, our Paperblanks journals bring the charm and humour of Asterix and Obelix right to your fingertips. Step into the enchanting world of Asterix and Obelix with our beautifully designed products that capture the timeless spirit of these beloved characters. Embrace the magic, humour and camaraderie that made them famous around the world.” – Adina Costiuc, Paperblanks Associate Art Director

We are thrilled to collaborate with Les Éditions Albert René to bring these beloved heroes to the Paperblanks collection. As the world awaits the 40th edition comic book, scheduled for release in October 2023, our collaborative The Adventures of Asterix series offers a whole new way to bring these characters to life.


A New Relationship

The Adventures of Asterix characters first came to life thanks to the imaginations of cartoonist Albert Uderzo (1927–2020) and scriptwriter René Goscinny (1926–1977). Together, they created an imaginary world both ancient and timeless, with their stories of Gaulish warriors and magic potions first appearing in the comic magazine Pilote in 1959. They continued to collaborate, with Goscinny writing and Uderzo illustrating, until Goscinny’s death in 1977. Two years later, Uderzo founded the publishing house Les Éditions Albert René, honouring the legacy of his creative partner while continuing to produce new Asterix works.

“We are very proud to have signed this new partnership with Paperblanks, a great licensee recognized for the quality of their products, to continue to develop the Asterix brand in France and internationally.” – Les Éditions Albert René

Today, both Les Éditions Albert René and Paperblanks are part of the Hachette publishing family. We are honoured to work with this legendary comic publisher, whose characters continue to shine brightly in pop culture.

Creating This Exclusive Collection

Working Together

When the idea first arose to collaborate on a stationery series, we could immediately see the potential and the appeal to our audience. As our CEO, Graham Conway, pointed out, both the Paperblanks and Asterix brands are iconic in Germany and France, so bringing these two properties together in such a special way made both creative and commercial sense. Our challenge was to set our collaboration apart from other comic book notebooks and find a way that felt both true to Asterix and to Paperblanks.

“[We wanted to create] a visual connection between the classic look of Paperblanks journals with the beloved and joyful characters of Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix , bringing two worlds into one design for the delight of people that treasure these styles.” – Alicia Arellano, Graphics Artist

Developing the First Release

When the time came to begin designing concepts, our talented Graphics team jumped at the chance to get creative with their nostalgia. They incorporated colour, humour and a sense of action and movement in developing these first releases.

“ Asterix is the most popular comic book character in Europe, very colourful and playful. So, the goal was to blend this style with a more classic, antique look that appeals to both audiences. We know that the range of followers of Asterix is from collectors to young and not-so-young audiences, mainly French, but it is very well known in Europe and other continents.” – Alicia Arellano, Graphics Artist

Working together with the Asterix team at Les Éditions Albert René, we shared ideas back and forth, incorporating suggestions and new ideas until these final three designs emerged.

The Future

This is such a fun and fresh new series, one born of mutual respect and excitement over the possibilities of what could be created together. We hope The Adventures of Asterix season one is the first of many collaborations with Les Éditions Albert René as our partnerships within the Hachette family continue to grow.

Introducing Paperblanks’ The Adventures of Asterix Series

The Adventures of Asterix

The Adventures of Asterix, our series in partnership with Les Éditions Albert René, channels the indomitable spirit of Asterix the Gaul and the legendary strength of Obelix from the celebrated comic book series.

Asterix the Gaul

In the comic book series, Asterix and his canine companion Dogmatix venture to lands near and far with unwavering ingenuity. This cover design features this beloved duo and is the same art used on the cover of a comic book by the same name.

Asterix & Obelix

The friendship between Asterix and Obelix is at the heart of the comic book series. Our collaborative collection is a chance to share the joy of these stories, with this design celebrating the spirit of camaraderie between these two warriors.

Obelix & Co.

Though Asterix is the star, he wouldn’t get far without Obelix and their many friends and sidekicks. This design combines the illustrated energy of the comics with the classic antique aesthetic of Paperblanks, resulting in a beautiful blend capturing the spirit of these beloved characters.