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Paperblanks Journal Prompts App

Why Download Our App?

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block or been stumped for a new journalling topic? If you know the feeling of having a journal and pen but nothing to write, then this app is for you.

Our Journal Prompts App contains hundreds of journalling and writing ideas to keep your creativity flowing. Choose from a specific topic or shake your phone to get a random prompt, and you will automatically receive a quick start you can then write or sketch in your Paperblanks notebook.

The app is currently available in English.

The Prompts

Every prompt is the beginning of a sentence, allowing you to fill in your own answer or storyline and go from there. Our prompts are designed to be simple ideas – the real creativity comes from you!

Prompt Categories

Whether you are journalling to set goals, do some deep introspection or just have some fun, there’s a Paperblanks prompt for you. Our prompts are divided into a variety of categories – including theme packs for special events like #NaNoWriMo – so you can choose a topic or get a prompt at random.

Using the App

Writing in a physical journal is such a tactile experience that we wanted to make using our digital app just as fun. Shake your phone/tablet or swipe the screen to get a new prompt, and if you find a prompt that interests you for later but doesn’t inspire in the moment, simply “star” it to add it to your list of favourites.

Choose Your Journal

As a journal company, we’re big believers in the power of the written word – including writing by hand. Our app is designed to help you find a topic to write about in your favourite notebook or journal. You can also customize your in-app experience by selecting from a variety of our cover designs to use as your background.

Customer Reviews

Journal prompts app, not a journal

by UnlimitedApathy

The backgrounds are really cool, particularly the fact that they match up to the real notebook designs you can buy in real life.

Great prompts

by markd2

A lot of great writing prompts here. I’m glad this app doesn’t try to do writing – there are already a lot of apps that do that, plus folks like me use physical notebooks and nice pens. It lets the developers concentrate on what this app does well.

We welcome your feedback as our app is always evolving!

Please contact with ideas and suggestions for future prompts. And be sure to visit the Endpaper Blog to get all the latest prompts and app updates.