Filing & Storage

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Artwork & Designs

Artwork & Designs

By working in exclusive partnerships with museums and art collections around the world, we have curated a unique and evolving library of designs.

Available in some of our bestselling cover designs, these filing and storage solutions make staying organized easy and fashionable.

Document Folders

These slim folders are ideal for storing important certificates and sentimental documents. Holding up to 40 loose-leaf pages, these folders are the perfect complement to your favourite stationery set.

Manuscript Boxes

A manuscript box still holds an important place in a writer’s life, even in our digital age. For playwrights, screenwriters and novelists alike, these uniquely designed boxes have magnetized lids and interiors lined with bookbinding cloth, safely storing your work in progress.

Historical Information

We are proud to give credit to the talented individuals and artistic movements that have inspired our designs. Every Manuscript Box and Document Folder contains credit and copyright information, as well as a fascinating historical background for the original artwork.